Dry vs. Dehydrated skin

Do you have dry skin? Maybe it's dehydrated skin? What's the difference? Theres actually a significant difference between the two, and it all has to do with the oil/water content you have on your skin. Its not easy pinpointing exactly what causes dryness or dehydration, since so many variables are at play. They both can look and feel the same.... dry skin feels tight, itchy and irritated, and may look bumpy, red or splotchy.

Everyone is born with their natural skin type. If you are dry that means you are lacking oil and sebum in the skin. Your pores appear small and more than likely you don't suffer to much from acne breakouts, but your skin is prone to premature signs of aging than someone with an oily skin type. Dry skin also soaks up moisturizer right away making you feel like you may not have even put any on. Simple changes can soothe dry skin such as limiting your time in the bath or shower to 5-10 minutes, use warm water instead of hot, apply moisturizer right after washing, and try switching to gentle skincare products.

Dehydrated skin means you are lacking water! Truly dehydrated skin is dull, congested, and easily becomes flaky. Your skin could feel dry while at the same time be oily which can be confusing. Are you dehydrated due to the weather or environment? Or is it from indulging in those salty snacks? Try drinking more water throughout the day. When it comes to dehydrated skin, however, your diet and lifestyle - as well as certain medications you are likely culprits.